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Therefore, with the release of the first automatically trading binary options software the things and the conditions in this financial field started to change rapidly. The news came as a great relief to online investors, who realized than the trading process was going to become easier, faster and way more profitable.

Unfortunately, along with the properly-working online investing systems, a great number of scams bots started to emerge on the horizon. This made the task of finding an authentic robot really difficult. In this line of thinking, the release of the new binary options platform QBITS Mega Profit System is the best news for all traders wondering who to trust and rely on. In the following review, you will be provided with the most important and relevant information, related to the QBITS binary options solution, created by Jeremy Hart (also a CEO).



QBITS By Jeremy Hart

The creator of this auto-trading binary options tool, Mr. Hart is a man who definitely knows what to do and how to do it. This is mainly thanks to his spectacular background and incredible skills. He is a former Quantum Mechanics Engineering student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This was the very place he began to study the Quantum computing technology. Then, he realized, that quantum computers rely on quantum mechanics – and this accelerates computation. As a result, this technology is able to outperform every single existing supercomputer.

The contribution of Jeremy Hart to the binary options trading society is that he managed to implement this computing power into the development of a unique trading system. It is capable of collecting all the data servers in the world and analyze financial information within microseconds. Jeremy Hart is also the founder of the Rich Nerd Club, which unites skillful and gifted programmers like him into the pursuit of one common goal – inventing a powerful and unrivaled auto-trading software.

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What is QBITSMegaProfit System?

  1. Highly Professional and proficient binary online trading software called QBITS Mega Profit system has already gained high popularity rates among online investors and regular binary options traders. It is already proven to me incredible binary options system that that is able to accumulate really stable and daily income for all the users who trade with it.
  2. Fully Automated – The QBITS auto-trading platform is a system that trades automatically at a super fast speed, thus outperforming all of its competitors in collecting and analyzing financial and trading information. This makes the entire binary options process easy, smooth highly profitable for its users. Due to the fact that the trading software of the binary robot is developed on the base on quantum computing technology, it easily monitors the market’s condition and volatility in order to identify and take advantage of possibly winning trading opportunities in a short time perio
  3. Super Powerful – It uses an analytic speed that is 3600 times faster than any operating supercomputer, and this allows achieving of live real-time trading.

Another great advantage of the software is the fact that the auto-trading mode it works at decreases the risk, associated with human emotions and possible errors, so even users without any former trading experience are able to benefit with the robot.


QBITS is a Legit System

CERTIFIED BROKERS This binary trading quantum speed technology can be called anyway else but not a scam. It is definitely legit and reliable. Not only are there many people that issue positive feedback and users’ testimonials, but everyone is able to get informed on all the details and specifics this robot has. As a result, it should be tested immediately by all the people who want to actually generate real and steady income on a daily basis.

97.5% WINNING RATE – In addition, QBITS System can collect and process information faster than others. Its average success rate is estimated at 97.5% which is quite remarkable. The team from the Rich Nerd Club, headed by Jeremy Hart, has done a spectacular job.

AUTO TRADING MODE – The binary options robot software has two modes of operation: manual and automated. Seasoned traders would find the first one more suitable as they have broader experience. But novices can invest with the latter without a problem. In this line of thinking, there is hardly any other binary software that could stand to be a competitor of the QBITS Mega Profit System.

QBITS is 100% Free

Coming as a very big surprise, this binary options robot software is free-of-cost. There are no charges. The catch is that there is a limited number of 50 available spots. Users who want to sign up with the QBITS MegaProfit System are best advised to hurry up and do so.

Because online traders have been piling up to secure places. The sign-up process is completely hassle-free. It does not acquire users to give any personal information that they do not want. Only a telephone number, email address, name, and surname have to be filed out.

After initial registration, investors have to open an account with a trusted and approved binary options broker. QBITS operates only with regulated ones. Then, a minimum initial deposit of $250 has to be placed. It does not go into the Rich Nerd Club’s pockets. The deposit is utilized solely for the funding of one’s account.

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Special Features of QBITS


  • FULLY AUTOMATED – This binary options automated solution provides one of the best customer support services on the Internet. Feedback from users suggests that the team is always online. They can be reached via live chat and email.
  • EASY INTERFACE – Another fine characteristic of the QBITS MegaProfit System is easy to navigate through the interface. Traders have no troubles finding their way around it. Also, the personal settings are customized in an effortless manner.
  • GREAT DESIGN – The graphic design of QBITS is also stunning. One feels as if he is entering the Matrix or a sci-fi movie when he opens the official website. It is that well done.
  • FAST ALGORITHM – Of course, the profit generating solution’s most astonishing feature is the amazing algorithm. Its quantum computer technology is unparalleled in the binary options investment sphere. The codes are the main reason why the robot software is so popular and well-liked by users.

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QBITS Bottom Line

INNOVATION – The binary options trading world has yet to see a robot the likes of QBITS MegaProfit System. It possesses many unrivaled qualities. The reason why online investors should entrust the software with their savings, time and future is not one. They are too many to list.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT –  From the customer care, it offers to its wonderful prizes and guaranteed profits. The Rich Nerd Club has done a superior job. Because their binary options investment robot makes a complicated process like trading appear to be a piece of cake.

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – QBITS MegaProfit System works equally well for novice and sophisticated traders alike. It is a legit income generating solution and users can operate with it effortlessly. It is at sky-rocketing levels above other binary options robots.